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Traditional, boys’ single low beds are suitable for boys of all ages so boast longevity. The low style single bed is perfect from a young age as it is easy to get in and out of, but it will then last throughout childhood. Our range of boys’ single low beds are available in a range of styles, designs and finishes to co-ordinate with their bedroom style and other furniture.

There are a variety of playful and practical options when it comes to boys’ single low beds. From trundle beds and day beds to playful themed beds and luxury upholstered beds there is something for all.

For children, sleep is such an important time; it is when they do the majority of their growth and development. For this reason, it is important that they are happy and comfortable in their room; making sure they love their bed is key in ensuring they are getting a quality night’s sleep.

Perfect for Sleepovers

A trundle bed is a great option for a boys’ single low bed, they can be used for an extra bed or children’s storage when not in use. The under-bed drawer is the perfect space to store extra clothes and bedding for the majority of time but then when the drawer is pulled out, you can add a mattress and it doubles as a guest bed. Perfect for when your child has sleepovers, or you have family to stay.

For the more luxury feel, there are various upholstered boys’ single low beds. The upholstered style is super cosy, comfortable and plush; perfect for making sure they get the best possible night’s sleep.

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