A day bed is a practical option for a children’s bedroom, they are very versatile and stylish. Day beds are a great option for when bedroom space is at a premium as they are truly multifunctional and double as a sofa or bed settee during the day. Some day beds even come with a spare bed underneath; even better for when you’re short on space.

Day beds offer a perfect space for both relaxing during the day and sleeping at night. Having the right bed is super important for ensuring your child gets the best night’s sleep possible. One of the most important factors in ensuring a quality night’s sleep for your child is making sure they are comfortable and happy in their bed and bedroom; having a nice, comfy bed is usually the biggest part of this.

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Sofa by day, Bed by night

Having a single day bed that can double as a sofa or bed settee is ideal, not only in smaller bedrooms but also for when guests stay. The versatility of a single day bed is ideal for when floor space is a premium; the underbed storage options are excellent for storing things such as clothes and bedding and then double as a trundle bed for when guests come to stay.

Children’s day beds are a great bed for children, as they are a little different to a standard children’s single bed, so it will provide them with a fun new addition to their room, that they can enjoy throughout the day and night.

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