Double and triple loft & bunk beds are a great space saving solution for big families and for sleepovers. With an array of different styles, designs and options these bunk beds easily sleep three people without taking up an excessive amount of floor space.

Double bunk beds and triple bunk beds come in a variety of style and design options, including double loft beds and also designs inspired by L-shaped bunk beds which offer fantastic storage integration. The perfect addition to a smaller children’s bedroom needing more storage options. The bunk beds offer a stable and sturdy base with safe and secure ladders for reaching those top bunks.

Practical, space saving solutions

The integration of a double bed underneath provides a perfect solution for when children have sleepovers or when guests come to stay. It is also perfect for those who want a little extra room. The triple stacked bunk beds offer a great space saving solution for siblings who share a room and don’t take up anymore floor space than a standard double bunk bed which is great for smaller spaces. Without needing any extra floor space, you can easily transform a room for 2 into a room for 3 with a triple bunk bed.

The different design options offer a number of practical children’s storage solutions which enable longevity. A number of bunk beds come with the option to split them down into individual beds which is perfect as children get older or you gain more space.

Top bunks are recommended for 6 years and over, for safety reasons.

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