Let their imaginations run wild with a house bed from Room to Grow. With Houses, Playhouses, Teepees and Hut beds there is something to suit every imagination. We all know how important having a good quality bed is to sleep but it is essential to remember that children do a lot more in their rooms than just sleep.

By choosing a fun themed bed for your child, you still don’t have to worry about loosing out on any storage space; you can choose to incorporate drawers into the majority of our house beds or keep the underneath free to place your own storage solutions.

Make a Statement

A house style bed is not only fun for a child, but it also makes an excellent statement piece of children’s bedroom furniture which you can then model the entire décor around. Having a themed room is a great way for children to express their imagination, personality and creativity.

It is important to let children play and have fun, it will all help to make them feel more comfortable and secure in their bedroom. Having a house bed is a great way to incorporate some fun into both the bed and room in general whilst ensuring that they have an excellent quality and comfortable bed.

Being happy in their own bed is an important part of making sure children are getting the best night’s sleep possible, this is why it is advisable to let children take part in the decorating of their own bedroom.

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