Loft beds for kids are the perfect solution for making the most out of small spaces, they allow you to free up room underneath the bed for extra storage or study space, providing plenty of room for a growing child.

An attractive and practical solution for smaller spaces, loft beds come in a range of different design options to suit any style of room and you, can select from various storage options to fit your personal preference and requirements.

There are many advantages of choosing a Loft Bed

Underneath the bed, you may wish to home bookcases, wardrobes and or drawers; the choice is yours! Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to keep the space clear and add the furniture or storage that you desire later down the line.

Children’s loft beds can also double as a study space, as some designs cleverly incorporate a desk, allowing children and teenagers their own personal study space to complete homework. And, you can even decide to include a sofa or sofa bed, perfect for relaxing and sleepovers!

Alongside a comprehensive loft bed buying guide, Room to Grow offer a wide range of loft beds for small spaces, in a variety of designs, colours and finishes. From modern and minimalist designs which look sleek and contemporary, to traditional and colourful styles, to suit any taste.

From cabin beds to high sleeper beds, we guarantee you’ll find the find your perfect children’s bed with Room to Grow today.

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