up to 20% off mattresses when bought with a bed

A variety of the brands stocked at Room to Grow offer different children’s room sets. Available in a wide selection of colours, styles and designs room sets are a great way to create a perfect, matching room. Sometimes when decorating your child’s room, the hunt to find furniture which matches or
complements each other can be a huge challenge but having the option to buy a set can rule out this concern.

Various options are available across room sets; some sets are complete with wardrobes, drawers and bedside tables whereas others may come with a bed and accompanying furniture such as a desk. Having the option to buy bedroom furniture as a set can take some of the hassle out of decorating your children’s room which is ideal.

Multifunctional Room Sets

Room to Grow offer a selection of multifunctional beds such as cabin beds, midsleeper beds and high sleeper beds which come with different opportunities for added storage. In these cases where storage is additional it is ideal to be able to purchase it as part of a room set in order to ensure that your furniture is all matching.

Having a matching set of furniture can act as a really great way to complete a room and really bring the whole design together. Room to Grow offer different selections of room sets to suit your needs and budget from sets of 2 or 3 items to sets which include 6 items or more. We also offer a
great range of girls and boys bedroom furniture as well.

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