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When transitioning from a cot to a ‘big’ bed it can be daunting and make children nervous, at Room to Grow we have a range of starter beds which are perfect for this and help that transition a little easier. Where starter beds make a good transition bed, shorty beds are great for any children who feel lost in a big bed, or as a space-saving bed for small or box-sized rooms.

Starter beds are a great option when transitioning your toddler into a child’s single bed. They are smaller, lower to the ground and come with bed guard rail which is then detachable once they are no longer needed.

Shorty beds are a perfect choice for those younger children who may feel lost in a full-size single bed as they are that little bit smaller to make them feel more secure and comfortable. Another great upside of a shorty bed is that they are ideal for smaller spaces, which is great considering space is a premium nowadays as boxed-sized bedrooms have become the norm for most children.

Secure and Comfortable

One of the most important factors in ensuring children are getting the right amount of sleep is making sure they are happy, secure and comfortable in their bed and bedroom. Both transitioning to a single bed and feeling like it is too big can be unsettling for children, especially without bed guard rails, which could lead to interrupted sleep; starter and shorty beds help to ease this feeling and make them feel more comfortable if this is something that they are feeling.

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