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Create a perfect fairytale bedroom space with girls’ cabin beds. Cabin beds are a great stylish and functional piece of children’s furniture which make the most of a bedroom space. They are a great storage solution especially if you are short on space as it provides all in one integrated storage.

There are numerous options in terms of style, design and types of storage for cabin beds, meaning you will be spoilt for choice. There are fun play tent options for younger girls to enjoy, functional ranges which built in storage and pull out children’s desks which are great for older girls who are studying.

Sleep, study and play

Children’s bedrooms aren’t just a place where they sleep at night, they are their own personal space where they can be themselves, play and study when they need to. It needs to be a space they can enjoy and appreciate.

Cabin beds are perfect for all aspects of a child’s room; they are sturdy and comfortable making for a perfect sleeping environment which encourages a quality night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential in early childhood development.

The various options for storage and integrated study areas are ideal for older girls who may have homework to do; having a personal space to study will help children concentrate and respect their own working environment. On the other hand, the integrated storage opportunities also mean that more floor space is available for all important play time; with some even coming with play tents.

Cabin beds are suitable for those age 6 and over.

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