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If storage is a concern in your home, take a browse of our outlet cabin beds and outlet high sleepers; these multifunctional pieces of furniture are perfect for when space is a premium; they incorporate storage into the bed itself in order to save on space.

For siblings who share a room, there are various outlet bunk beds available which provide a safe, comfortable and secure place for siblings to sleep. Bunk beds are great way to free up some floor space and utilise what you already have; some can even become singles if you wish.

For younger children, there are outlet low beds. Low beds are ideal for those who aren’t tall enough for a standard single bed; they are great for young children and those transitioning to a single bed.

Grab some bargain accessories

To finish the room and bring everything together we have outlet children’s bedroom furniture; ranging from desks and drawers to wardrobes and bedside tables. In addition to having a variety of outlet furniture to offer we also have an impressive selection of outlet accessories such as bean bags and lamps.

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