High sleepers are an excellent space saver; the amount of room available underneath is great for storage, an extra bed, a sofa and even a children’s desk. With so much space available the options really are endless. High beds are suitable for children aged 6 and over. There are various customisable options available for underneath your high sleeper bed; meaning there will be something suitable for every child.

Children’s high sleepers are so versatile and great for studying, storage and sleepovers; even better, with outlet high sleepers you won’t need to worry about the price tag. There are so many options available to ensure you can tailor your high sleeper to your child’s personality and needs. The integrated desk is great for older children who have a lot of homework or are studying for exams; whereas, the chair bed offers a great option for sleepovers or having guests to stay, as well as being perfect for relaxing during the day.

Storage, Study, Sleep

If storage is your priority, no need to worry there are plenty of storage options which can be integrated into our outlet high beds. You can choose a mixture of study and storage if that suits best or go for a standard high sleeper which gives you the option of placing your own furniture underneath. This can be great if you already have children’s bedroom furniture you wish to use or plan on changing it around over time.

Whatever purpose you want your child’s bedroom to serve, there will be an outlet high sleeper to suit.

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