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Children grow so quickly, they outgrow their clothes, toys and interests but also their bedroom and bed. Especially in the early years you may feel like you’re constantly updating their bedroom; with outlet low beds from Room to Grow you can keep up with their growth spurts without breaking the bank. The range of outlet low beds includes some great options for children’s beds; such as single beds and starter beds.

Sleep plays such an important role in the growth and development of children, which is why at Room to Grow we make it our priority to ensure children can get the best night’s sleep possible. There are many things which go into ensuring children can get a good quality night’s sleep including how comfortable and happy they feel in their own bed.

Ingredients for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

There are many aspects which make up the perfect night’s sleep; a good routine and regular bedtime as key in ensuring children are getting optimal sleep but it is also essential to make sure they are ready for sleep and comfortable in their bed. Exercise and diet play an important role in making sure children are sleepy when it comes to bedtime and having the right bed is essential in ensuring uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Outlet low beds are all made with sleep in mind, therefore you can be secure in the knowledge that you children will be happy and comfy throughout the night. A comfortable bed means less chance of waking throughout the night.

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