Children’s Storage Buying Guide

There’s no doubt about it, storage is absolutely crucial in a child’s bedroom and playroom. 

Storage Buying Guide

Children have so much stuff that they collect over the years and refuse to part with, so planning sufficient and effective storage is always a must!  

Thinking About Storage Solutions?

There are so many space-saving bedroom combinations on offer that include all the key ingredients to achieve a stylish, happy, functional and tidy bedroom!  

Start with a solid foundation and choose storage furniture that will last through the years. Clever storage is essential for the ongoing organisation of toys, games, clothes and all the bits and bobs they have.

A great way to encourage independence is to involve your child in helping to tidy their room. This way they will know where everything is and have some control, responsibility and independence.  It will teach them problem solving and organisational skills.

Depending on the room size you can choose a fantastic bed that includes integrated storage and there are many combinations to consider…. drawers under the bed, a cabin bed with drawers, mid sleeper with chest and bookcase, high sleeper with a wardrobe and desk or loft bed with storage cubes and shelving – all these combinations offer a sleep, study and storage solution. 

Or, you may decide to select individual storage pieces such as a toy box, storage cube, bookcase, desk, chest of drawers or wardrobe. Even smaller storage baskets and bags offer essential storage and take up very little space. From contemporary wood or metal designs to felt, cotton or natural grasses, you can select storage bags and boxes that will compliment your home.

Storage is essential for a child’s bedroom or playroom to help avoid clutter and give everything a rightful home.  Let’s face it, there’s less floorspace to play if it’s covered in toys, so it’s best to frequently sort through their toys, books and games, declutter and store what you’re keeping safely away in a stylish storage bag, basket or box.

Whatever you decide, there is lots of creative and functional storage furniture for you to explore.

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