Bedroom Accessories & Play

Once you’ve found the perfect child’s bed and bedroom furniture for their room, don’t forget those all important bedroom accessories to add the finishing touches. 

With beautiful bedding, comfy cushions and relaxing rugs to transform your child’s bedroom into their own individual space. For more information, take a look at bedroom accessories buying guide.

Once you’ve got the foundations of the room down, such as the bed and bedroom furniture then come the accessories. Accessories can really tie together a room décor and bring it to life which is why they are so important. From bedding to rugs and cushions, there are plenty of different accessories which can all bring something different to the room. Once you’ve settled on a bed, it is time to choose the bedding. 100% cotton bedding is a great choice for comfort. The cotton has moisture wicking properties to ensure a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t just stop at bedding, you can decorate the bed even further by incorporating cushions and throws. Cushions and throws are a great way to add some fun and colour to a room as they can be easily interchangeable based on seasons.

Pull the Room Together

Accessories can really do a lot for a room; they can change the entire feel of it should you wish. You can use a rug to add some fun and colourful designs or add some beanbags and create a relaxation area for your child to enjoy.

In addition to the variety of fun accessories, at Room to Grow we understand you also require the necessities such as duvets and pillows and clocks. In order to get that all-important quality night’s sleep, it is important to have a good quality duvet and pillow to snuggle up to when falling asleep. The, when it is time to wake up, we have a selection of fun and education alarm clocks and teaching clocks! Shop Accessories and Gifts with Room to Grow today.

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