Why Stompa Beds?

Why Choose Stompa?

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Stompa beds offer clever designs and solid pine construction to make any bedroom look a million dollars.

Stompa Beds

Stompa has been a leading children’s furniture brand since the 1960s. Their mantra is to offer 'more than just a bed' but a complete bedroom solution. Stompa pride themselves on high quality, stylish and functional bedrooms.

Stompa Radius Midsleeper & Desk with 4 Silk White Doors

£1,061.25 £689.00

Stompa UNO S 3AD Midsleeper with Pull Out Desk, Multi Cube and Chest

£998.75 £699.00

Stompa CK Starter Bed with Extending Mattress

£373.75 £260.00

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Stompa Radius by Stompa RTG Life B-bag Stompa Next Generation - Rondo RTG Play Parisot Flexa MadPax Stompa UNO S Snuggle Sac Mode Ollie & Leila Jubilee Scallywag Flair Kiddiewinkles Flexa Nordic Bianca Catherine Lansfield Stompa Next Generation - Casa Stompa Uno Stompa Classic Kids Kids Avenue RTG Solitaire Hippychick Tidy Books

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