Stompa has been a leading children’s furniture brand since the 1960’s. Their aim is to offer ‘more than just a bed’ but a complete bedroom solution. Through unique features, good design, long lasting quality and above all safety, Stompa has it covered.
Stompa UNO S High Sleeper

What are the main types of Stompa beds?

Stompa have a wide range of beds which includes bunk beds, cabin beds, mid and high sleeper beds, low single beds, small double beds and even toddler beds. All Stompa beds have unique features, are sustainably sourced, long lasting quality and tested to the highest safety standards.

Main differences between a Stompa mid-sleeper and high-sleeper bed?

Mid and high sleeper beds are fairly similar in terms of design, their main difference is their size. As the name would suggest high-sleeper beds are taller than mid sleeper beds and therefore come with slightly different customisable options for underneath the bed. Both come with various storage options and an option for a desk. High sleepers also offer an option for a small seating area or sofa bed.

What type of mattress do I require for my child?

A lot of the time the ‘perfect’ mattress can depend on personal preference. However, for growing children the right amount of support is incredibly important. A mattress which incorporates both springs and a foam layer is great at offering additional support, is slightly firmer, as well as being comfortable for a good night’s sleep. For a slightly softer mattress, a foam mattress with different supportive foam layers still offers a good amount of support; it really comes down to personal preference.

How do I decide on which Stompa bed to choose?

When deciding which Stompa bed is best for you, it is important to consider a few factors. First of all, consider your child’s preferences and needs as well as their bedroom and the amount of space you have available.

If you’re short on floor space, as many houses are, then multifunctional furniture could be your new best friend. Beds such as mid and high-sleeper beds are great at freeing up floor space and they allow you to include storage without taking up any extra space.

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