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“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” If the thought of those famous four words is haunting you in your sleep, it sounds like you might be on the brink of your first road trip with the little ones. From remembering snacks to planning those very important toilet stops, here’s all you need to know about surviving your first ever family road trip.



Even adults get bored on long journeys so you can imagine how much harder it is for kids. The first crucial step when it comes to preparing for a road trip is to pack smart. Think games, puzzles, toys, books, music; anything that will keep little minds entertained over long periods of time. If you have more than one child, give them their own pack each to avoid back seat fighting. Just remember not to bring balls, flying toys, or anything else that might distract the driver!



If your little ones can’t read in the car or you think games and toys will be too disruptive, it can be a good idea to pre-load some fun apps onto your phone or tablet to keep them occupied. If you don’t like the idea of them playing too many mindless games, there are plenty of apps you can download that are fun and educational too.



After a few hours in the car, bellies are bound to rumble. Snacks are crucial to road trip survival because they’ll stop little ones complaining about being hungry and give them something to look forward to that breaks up the journey. Top tip: try to avoid too much sugar! Go for healthy snacks like dried fruit and juices to avoid being stuck in the car with a mini sugar-rush demon! Do remember to plan a toilet stop after you’ve given them drinks, too.



A full belly also eventually means a sleepy head so make sure your children are able to nap if they want to. Comfy pillows, blankets, teddies, or even duvets can all help them to feel comfortable enough to sleep – with the added benefit of giving you a little time off.


Bon voyage!

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