At Room to Grow we believe in making sure children are getting the best night’s sleep possible, which is why we work with only the best brands which bring quality children’s bedroom furniture to you. It can be difficult task, choosing the right furniture for your children’s room; you want them to love it after all. For that reason, we offer as much choice as possible so that you have plenty to work with. 

Sleep is essential for children. It is when they do the majority of their growth and development. With a lack of sleep comes problems such as a lack of productivity and concentration so it is essential that we provide you with all the tools to ensure your little one gets the sleep they need. One of the most important parts of a good night’s sleep is being comfortable in your room. For children this comes when they love their space and feel secure. That’s why we believe it is so important to take the time to build a room which includes a bed that your child loves and wants to spend time in. 

Best of Brands

As we believe in children getting the best night’s sleep possible, we are proud to supply a variety of top children’s furniture brands from Flexa to Solitaire. We carefully select a range of styles, materials and colours so that you have plenty to choose from. We stock a wide range of different brands such as Parisot, Jubilee, Flair and Stompa along with many more. 

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