Children grow so quick; before you know it, they need to move from their starter bed up into the next stage. It can become quite pricey having to upgrade their bedroom often, so it is no wonder Solitaire is our best-selling building system. It allows flexibility as your child grows making it the
perfect solution if you find yourself constantly shopping for new children’s bedroom furniture.

Solitaire have a wide range of midsleepers which can incorporate a variety of storage solutions from extra drawers and cupboards to a pull-out desk. The integrated storage option is great for those rooms with little floor space which is ideal as floor space is a premium. In addition to extra storage they also come with the fun option of a tent bed; these are fun and functional and provide hours of play and creativity for children.

Solitaire adapts from tots to teens

With the simple addition of a building kit the options the solitaire range offers parents are endless. The standard midsleeper bed can be split down into a standard single bed or made into a high sleeper or bunk bed. Having this flexibility in your children’s furniture is ideal and they grow so quickly it can become hard to keep up.

The simple yet sturdy Scandinavian design will last through the years, providing a comfortable yet fun and stylish children’s bed for growing children. As sleep is so important in childhood development it is important that they have a comfortable and secure space to sleep in.

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