Children’s Double Beds Buying Guide

Children may well be little people but we all know that they have big needs and they grow up so fast! And this is no different when it comes to selecting the right kind of bed for them.
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Anne Davies

Mum of a tweenager and owner of Room to Grow. Anne works with the world’s leading manufacturers to source the best bunk beds, high beds, mid sleepers and low beds in all varieties. She knows as a parent how tricky it can be choosing the right bed that gives the optimum storage, study and sleep space without compromising on style. An expert in helping parents find the right bed for their child and creating a dream bedroom.

Children may well be little people but we all know that they have big needs and they grow up so fast! And this is no different when it comes to selecting the right kind of bed for them. Having their own personal space is very important to children, a place where they can have some down time, play and have their friends over.  There are so many factors to consider when choosing a bed for you child, but it is always wise to invest in smart and durable bed from the out-set, that will assist with their needs and offer them the comfort and support they need as they grow.

Should I Buy A Double Bed?

If room space allows, many parents are now choosing to upgrade from a single bed to a double bed frame for their child’s room for many reasons:

  • It gives children more sleep and relaxation space as they grow
  • There’s lots of under bed storage available which helps to keep clutter out of sight
  • The extra space is ideal if your child is sick and you need to be near them
  • They simply love sleepovers and you have a ready-made bed for 2!
  • A double bed is always handy if you have guests to stay

Some double beds have the option of under-bed drawers for additional storage. Or an ottoman double bed has a gas lift mechanism which allows you to lift the mattress easily to reveal the under-bed storage space. As in any child’s bedroom, we find you cannot have enough storage for all those books, toys, games and clothes.

When you are considering a double bed you may find room size is limited, or a double bed is just quite frankly too big. You may find a small double bed is the answer, more space than a single bed and plenty of comfortable sleeping space as your child grows. All the benefits of above but not quite so dominating in the room.

The beauty of a double bed and younger children is that there’s plenty of extra room for them to move around. You can even divide the bed into sections with pillows if you want to limit their moving space but we always recommend to choose the biggest bed you can from the start, as it will limit multiple furniture updates during the years to come.

Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers that you may find helpful in finding your perfect double bed.

What Age Should You Get A Double Bed?

A child can go into a double bed as soon as they have outgrown their cot bed or starter bed and they are ready for their first ‘big bed’.

Is A Double Bed Safe For A Child?

  • When properly constructed and assembled, your bed will be structurally safe. Safety issues come not assembling the bed frame correctly so always read the instructions carefully.
  • We recommend that you only use the correct size mattress for the bed as specified on the product page.
  • Regularly check and ensure that the bed is free from damage, and that all fixings are secure.
  • Do not use substitute parts that are not designed for use with the bed. Always contact us for replacement parts.
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