Children’s Storage Beds Buying Guide

Making sure you plan for enough storage in your child’s room is a must!
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Anne Davies

Mum of a tweenager and owner of Room to Grow. Anne works with the world’s leading manufacturers to source the best bunk beds, high beds, mid sleepers and low beds in all varieties. She knows as a parent how tricky it can be choosing the right bed that gives the optimum storage, study and sleep space without compromising on style. An expert in helping parents find the right bed for their child and creating a dream bedroom.

Making sure you plan for enough storage in your child’s room is a must! Storage beds are an ingenious and an ever so popular invention for the modern home. And, when the time comes to upgrade your child’s bedroom furniture, then planning efficient storage is vital. Particularly beneficial for smaller rooms, a storage bed is a great space saver because it combines both a bed and an abundance of valuable under bed storage beneath the sleeping zone.

Picking The Perfect Storage Bed

Children have toys and possessions and lots of them, so what better way to keep bedroom floors tidy and give their room a sense of calm, by utilising the great under bed storage.

There are plenty of storage options available such as bookcases, storage cubes, shelving, cupboards, drawers, desks or wardrobes. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes and combinations, with the most popular frames being a Mid Sleeper, Cabin Bed, High Sleeper, Loft Bed and Bunk Bed.

Storage beds tend to be higher than a low profile bed, therefore the underneath area is easily accessible and designed in such a way that it gives children free access to their storage so they shouldn’t need your help to reach up high….no more excuses! 

But, even low single beds and day beds can offer you a decent storage solution if you are leaning towards these designs. Many have optional under-bed drawers which can either be used for sleeping or extra storage. 

Storage beds really do offer an incredible amount of style and functionality packed into a compact space and magically create the illusion of space in the bed room. They are a great way to encourage your child to tidy up. They’ll love all the niches, nooks and crannies that these beds have to offer.

What age is appropriate for a storage bed?

It really depends on what style of storage bed you choose.

If you opt for a low single or day bed with an under-bed trundle/storage drawer then your little one can go straight into this once they’ve outgrown their cot, which is usually around 18-36 months.

Because most raised beds have a ladder such as a mid sleeper, bunk bed, high bed and loft bed, these are suitable for children over the age of 6 years. Some cabin beds can be used from 4 years plus, but always read the product description to double check.

Equally, a younger child can sleep in the bottom bunk until they are older enough to sleep on the top bunk so it’s not to say you can’t consider a storage bunk bed if you are planning for future longevity which is great idea, but just be aware of the manufacturer’s advice.

What safety issues should I consider?

  • When properly constructed and assembled, your storage bed will be structurally safe. Safety issues come with not assembling the bed frame correctly so always read the instructions carefully.
  • If you need to fit a safety rail, ensure the safety rail it is fitted securely.
  • We recommend that you only use the correct size mattress for the bed as specified on the product page.
  • Because of the raised design of many storage beds, please don’t place the bed directly under a light fixing or ceiling fan, unless of course there’s plenty of clearance and the child will not hit their head on it.
  • Regularly check and ensure that the bed is free from damage, and tighten the fixings as these can loosen over time.
  • Do not use substitute parts that are not designed for use with the bed. Always contact us for replacement parts.
  • If you have ordered a bedroom combination that includes extra furniture, please ensure that each piece is secure and cannot move and fall on top of your child.
  • Especially on the taller bed frames, double check that your child has enough headroom when sitting up in bed (remember children grow, so what may be sufficient headroom now, will reduce as they grow taller!)
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