Children do a lot more in their rooms than just sleep, they play, study, socialise and relax. Therefore, it is essential they are able to do all these things as they please. Whilst there may not always be enough space to have dedicated areas for everything children do in their room, it is nice to have little accents which allow them to use their room for more than sleep. Brightly coloured fun beanbags are great as they can be used wherever necessary, don’t take up much room and make a great space for relaxing.

We have a variety of fun beanbags in a range of fun colours, sizes and shapes to fit any room. Smaller beanbags are great for keeping in the corner of the room ready for reading or relaxing of any kind. Sometimes it is good to have an area for relaxing that isn’t the bed as for children it is advisable that they associated their bed with sleep more than anything else. Having a small beanbag is a great way to encourage this.

Indoor and Outdoor

Some of our beanbag collection are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes them extremely versatile. As they are easily moved around, they can be used in the bedroom or any room in the house and moved outside as necessary. These beanbags make great seating options during the summer months for when you have BBQ’s or summer parties and then they can be wiped clean and placed back inside.

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