The best type of bed for a boys’ bedroom?

There are plenty of beds which work great for boys’ bedrooms. The best type of bed for you will depend on the space available, your son’s personality and preference. Generally, the most popular bed types would include beds such as single beds, with or without a trundle bed; cabin beds or mid sleepers with extra storage underneath and often a pull-out desk; high beds with storage underneath, a desk and often a sofa bed; or bunk beds for siblings sharing a room or great for sleepovers.

Having bunk beds are ideal for saving floor space and allow plenty of room for activities and other storage options.

Boys’ bedroom décor ideas?

The most important thing to consider when creating a décor theme for your children’s rooms is to consider their personality and preferences as your top priority. A bedroom is a private and personal space which should feel safe and comfortable for growing children.

If you want to ensure longevity, it would be advisable to stay neutral with furnishings and wall décor but accessorize with more personable items; this could be sport team memorabilia, animal-themed items, superheroes or anything which feels personal to them.