Handmade in Yorkshire, our upholstered beds are incredibly elegant and luxurious. Upholstered beds have a classic and timeless feel to them and act as a statement piece of children’s furniture. The delicate detailing and contemporary designs are great to last from childhood throughout the teenage years and beyond. The variety of colours, styles and designs means there is something to suit everyone from those who want to make a statement or those who want something more understated and neutral.

Sleep is incredibly important to a child’s health and wellbeing; with lack of sleep being linked to a number of health concerns it is necessary to ensure children are getting enough sleep. The first step in ensuring this is make sure they are happy and secure in their bed.

Upholstered beds are available in single beds, double beds, bunk beds and day beds so you can be certain that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Upholstered Designer Beds Create An Ideal Focal Point

Designer upholstered storage beds are a great way to make a statement; they can be quite grand and demand attention, especially if you choose a bold colour. Their luxurious feel can be felt throughout the whole room, making them a great investment. Designer beds are often the focal point of the room and if you have an upholstered bed, this is sure to be true.

Adding an upholstered bed to a child’s room not only provides a statement design piece but also adds some texture to the room; texture works to create warmth and comfort in a space and an upholstered bed certainly radiates comfort.

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