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Children’s space saving beds are perfect for those smaller bedrooms. There is no need to scrimp on storage, style or practicality with our fabulous range of space saving beds ranging from day beds and cabin beds to mid-sleeper beds and high-sleeper beds. With the sheer number of belongings children seem to accumulate it is essential to still have plenty of storage space, our collection of space saving beds allow for the extra space for this.

With space being such a premium in modern houses, it is not uncommon to need children’s space saving beds as a means of freeing up space bedrooms; whether it is to have siblings share a room or to free up as much floor space as possible. Storage is massively important in children’s rooms as they seem to have an infinite number of belongings, so it is essential that their room be optimised to include as much storage opportunities as possible.

Cabin beds are a great space saving option for children’s bedrooms, they offer a great amount of storage without utilising any further floor space. You can choose storage options based on your specific needs; whether you would prefer a desk or a chest of drawers.

A Solution for Sleep, Study and Storage

Mid sleeper and high sleeper beds are the perfect solution to incorporate sleep, study and storage into one piece of space saving furniture. With different customisation options, you can create the perfect bed for you. Choose from a children’s desk, drawers and wardrobes which can all be placed underneath the bed therefore taking up no extra space.

For siblings sharing a room, bunk beds are a great solution; two beds which only use the floor space of one! There are even options for double and triple bunk beds and bunk beds with additional storage. If your children enjoy having friends to stay, or you plan to have a lot of guests over; trundle beds are a great way to add an extra bed which doesn’t need to be there all year round and it can even double as a storage drawer.

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