Bed Linen

Our bedding reflects our style and personality, whether it’s fun, vibrant character bedding, geometric or zany pattern bedding or calm neutral bedding, it’s something that finishes the look of  your child’s bedroom. 

 By changing bed linen, it reflects the different stages your child goes through in childhood.  All our bedding is cotton blend or 100% cotton, easy to wash and care for and most importantly gives a cosy night’s sleep. For more information, visit our kids bed linen buying guide.

Style and comfort are both important aspects of a child’s bedroom and bed; it is important to keep children comfy and happy in their bedroom in order to ensure they get the best night’s sleep possible. Bedding is a great way to add personality into a child’s room and is a good way to play around with different designs and styles as they change their interests. As children grow, their interests and likes often change so they can quickly grow out of their room design. Keeping the walls pretty simple but adding personality through accessories and bedding is a great way to add some accents to the room in a way that can is easier to change than decorating the walls a certain way. Children can add personality into their room through the design on their bedding; it is a great way to let them use their creativity and ensure they are happy in their room.

Comfort is Key

In addition to style being an important element in a child’s room, comfort is incredibly important. In order to get the best night’s sleep possibly children need to be happy and comfy in their bed. A big part of this is making sure their bedding is cosy and comfy. We have a variety of quilts which are great for when extra warmth and comfort is required, especially on colder nights. Quilts do more than just keep children warm also, having an extra layer which is a little heavier can help to make them feel secure and comforted which can aid sleep. Shop Bedding and Quilts, as well as duvets and pillows, with Room to Grow today.

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