World Vegetarian Day: 5 Veggie Recipes for Kids

Posted on 01/10/2021 by Room to Grow
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1st October World Vegetarian Day: 5 Veggie Recipes

World Vegetarian Day

Did you know that more than a quarter of all dinners eaten every night in the UK contain no meat or fish? Vegetarianism is on the rise and, with so many health benefits going along with the diet, it’s no surprise that more and more families are choosing to ditch the meat.

If you’re interested in cutting down on meat or cutting it out completely, here are some reasons why it’s great along with five of our favourite kid-friendly veggie recipes.

Why should your family go vegetarian?

Vegetarian diets are rich in fibre, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients that are naturally low in saturated fats and cholesterol, which is great for reducing your chance of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and hypertension. Most food-borne illnesses such as bacteria and toxins are also found in meat and fish rather than vegetables so a vegetarian diet can keep those tummies safer. A veggie diet is also much better for the environment!

Child Friendly Veggie Recipes

Veggie Burgers

Kids love burgers so treating them to a veggie version is a great way to introduce more veg into their diet without being too disruptive! Veggie burgers come in all shapes and sizes, from bean burgers to meat-style soy burgers which should fool even the sharpest of meat-eaters. If you fancy making your own, here are some great vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Muffin Tin Chilli Pots

For a dinner that’s just as fun as it is healthy and tasty, try this BBC Good Food chilli pots recipe. All you need is store-bought tortilla wraps, kidney beans, and chopped tomatoes – a great quick option for after-school meals.

Veggie Pizza

Another super easy option as the majority of readymade pizzas are already vegetarian so no cooking required! If you’d rather make your own, this is a super colourful veggie pizza recipe that little ones are bound to love.

Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

As the colder months draw closer, we all start craving comforting homely food to warm us up. If your family loves a shepherd’s pie, this vegan version by Jamie Oliver is just as tasty and twice as healthy.

Cheesy Cauliflower Dippers

Do your little one’s love chicken nuggets? Surprise them with this delicious meat-free version from Easy to make and oh-so moreish, these dippers are bound to become a snack staple in no time.

With so many ways to easily swap out meat for veggie options in yours and your children’s diets, you can reduce your meat consumption by making these quick swaps. We hope you try out some of these veggie recipes for kids, and that the whole family enjoys!

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