Kids’ bedrooms are a haven of creativity. They are the spaces where your child will spend a large portion of their time as they sleep, play, laugh and learn. It’s important to have a room that’s up to scratch, yet the interpretation of what childrens’ bedrooms should offer will differ depending on which parent you ask.

Just because a bedroom doesn’t break the bank doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. If a lot of thought and love has gone into designing the bedroom, it will be great.

A great bed is the most important piece of furniture to invest in when it comes to children’s bedrooms. The possibilities with kids’ beds are endless. They can make the cosiest den, have lots of nifty storage space and capture the imagination.

We’ve rounded up some bedrooms that we think are fantastic. Some are big, some are small – but it’s obvious that a lot of care has gone into designing each one. Check them out below.


image: Room to Grow

This bed is the ultimate space saver. Books, clothes and toys can all be stowed away easily (and it even makes for a great hiding place!).

Apartment therapy

image: Apartment Therapy

Bunk beds are great if you have multiple littlens sharing a room. The problem is that they don’t offer much privacy. Problem solved!

Jason Hulfish

image: Jason Hulfish

If you’re going to commit to a themed room, you really need to give it your all. This design is a bed headboard and is seriously good.


image: Daniel Sicolo

As you can tell, we’re fans of beds with storage built into them. We’re also fans of Lego, so this is a win win situation.


image: Bipede – Loft Greene

Draws built into stairs, with the bed on a raised platform above the door. Impressively (not to mention tidily) done!

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