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When your child is first born, it is hard to imagine that there will ever be a time when they will need more ‘stuff’! There’s nappies, wipes, creams, muslins, Calpol, dummies, 200 babygrows, and that’s just what you take out in your nappy bag. So, as your child grows older, it may come as somewhat of a shock that this ‘stuff’ increases, and soon their room is awash with toys, books and clothes. And what’s more, you need to find a place to store all these items.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you find storage and create more space in your child’s bedroom:

Beds with Storage

Everyone loves a BOGOF deal and investing in a kids beds with storage gives you just that. Storage beds are cleverly designed to incorporate a comfy and safe bed, whilst also providing ample space to keep all their toys. There are a huge range of styles, from simple under-bed drawers to midsleepers with desks and shelving units, so you can pick one to fit your style and needs.

Child opens a bed to reveal storage space underneath from Room to Grow

Toy Chests

A simple solution, but toy chests really are a fantastic way to store your children’s toys neatly away. Also, rather than heavy plastic storage boxes that need to be put into a cupboard, toy chests are easily accessible for your children, so allow them to get their toys whenever they wish.

Floating Book Shelf

Book shelves can be rather cumbersome objects, that take up valuable floor space. So why not try floating shelves as an alternative, especially if your child’s room is on the small side. Floating shelves attach directly to the wall, with no visible brackets or attachments, giving them the appearance of, you guessed it, floating!


Wardrobes are a necessity in every bedroom, but can often be overlooked as useful space savers. If you’re anything like us, you will cram your kid’s clothes in their wardrobe and shut the door, hoping that no-one dares take a peek into the chaos. But spending some time reorganising and tidying can help create more space for you to work with. By hanging hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors you create an extra place to keep clothes or coats. And similarly, the floor space at the bottom of the wardrobe is often complete unused, bar the occasional fallen dress. Once tidied, this empty floor space is perfect to keep storage boxes.

Peg Boards

Especially when your child is small, you may find yourselves using a lot of caddies. They are incredibly helpful to keeps things like nappies and wipes organised and easy-to-reach, but they can take up a lot of surface space. Peg Boards offer a handy place to store your caddies above surface level, and out of reach from prying hands.

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