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Slumber parties, sleepovers, and overnights: call them anything, but word has it that they are paradise for the kids and a nightmare for the parents. From extremely excited children to a disorderly house and homesick moments, parents cannot have a harder time, right? Well, that does not have to be the case.

Imagine the joy that sleepovers give to children and the incredible bonds that are developed. As a parent, allowing your kid’s friends to come over for a night is an excellent gift for your little one, but how can you make it a less stressful situation? Here is how:

1.      Limit the guest list

When hosting a slumber night for the first time, start with a small number. Three or four guests are okay, but more than that might be a little stressful. Besides, you can grow the number as you get more sleepover experience. With time, you can host many kids when you find an adult friend or two to help out.

Also, consider the children’s personalities. If the first time doesn’t go well, you might be skeptical about hosting another event, which means that your little one misses out. So, try to make it as stress-free as possible. Work on an even number to reduce conflicts and loneliness among the children.

2.      Make invitations

They do not have to be classy. Simple hand-made cards are sufficient. You may also write a nice email with some animations and send it to the invitees’ parents. Having an invitation makes the event look well-planned, and the guardians and parents will have in impression that you are organized. Getting the parents on-board is essential because it makes them calm. Make sure the invitation includes the pick-up time, contact details and venue.

3.      Make sleeping arrangements

If you have enough bedding, then you are good to go. If not, request the kids’ parents or guardians to pack a pillow and sleeping bag. Even so, ensure that you have extra bedding in case the parents forget to pack the items. Prepare mackintosh if one of them wets the bed. That way, you can clean easily, and the child will not feel embarrassed as there will not be a wet circle on the mattress. Avoid giving them drinks too close to bedtime.

4.      Prepare dinner

You can involve the little ones by asking them to make dinner suggestions. Aim at preparing a meal that everyone will enjoy. Inquire about food allergies before shopping to avoid late-night hospital visits. Buy some snacks for the night for the children to eat as they wait for dinner.  However, make sure that they are not very sugary because sugar eating sugar before going to bed makes some children hyperactive. If possible, involve them in preparing part of the dinner such as the desert. The kids will be happy to design their ice creams or fruits, and it will keep them busy too.

5.      Plan for activities

Since it will be an evening party, try to arrange for indoor actives like arts and crafts. You can prepare for clay art, card making, sewing projects, and wall stickers. Try out the art before the sleepover so that you can guide them. Ensure that there is enough material for every child to do their art piece. You may allow them to carry their artwork home as a souvenir. The children might have some ideas on the activities they want to do, so, ask for their opinions too.

6.      Have extra toothbrushes and other personal effects

Prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes the parents forget to pack toiletries for their little ones. As such, make sure you stock enough of these items. When the children arrive, ask them if they remembered to bring personal items. If not, avail the items to the little ones.

7.      Be creative on how to organise the children’s items

A common issue with most sleepovers is usually misplaced items. Some children go home with things that do not belong to them. You would not want the parents to call regarding lost items. Luckily, this is a minor issue that you can manage efficiently. One way of doing this is to put the items in children’s’ bags. Another way is to group them in containers, drawers, and bags. Remember to label the things with the kid’s name tag.

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