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quirky ways beds have been reimmagined

Beds: they’re just places to sleep, right? Wrong! Nowadays beds can not only provide an attractive focal point to the interior design of any bedroom, they can also be infinitely practical. Here are some of our favourites:

The Swing Bed

bed 1

Beds? Good. Swings? Even better. This beautiful and quirky hanging bed would be the perfect and fun addition for any children’s bedroom (although perhaps for older kids only, to avoid accidents).

The Teepee Bed

Bed 2

We can’t get enough of this Wild West Teepee Bed from Mode. So much fun for kids while impeccably stylish at the same time; win win!

The Dog Bed Bed

Bed 3

Those of you with dogs will know the exhausting pain of a restless canine bed companion. Share your bed with your Best Friend but keep some space for yourself with this adorable add-on dog bed.

The Fairy Light Den

Bed 4

What princess hasn’t dreamed of drifting off surrounded by fairy light? Make any bedroom magical with the simple addition of a fairy light den perfect for little royalty.

The Multi-Tasker

Bed 5

Bed, desk, shelves, cupboards and a wardrobe? This Gami Loft Mezzanine bed is contemporary and uber-practical, especially if your home is short on floorspace.

The DIY Bed

Bed 6

If you love everything to have a homemade, rustic vibe then you can’t go far wrong with a DIY pallet bed. Cheap and easy to make, these cool beds lend any room an air of functional chic.

The Secret Bed

Bed 7

You know the only way to improve a bed? Add more bed. At least that’s what we think anyway which is why we love this Julian Bowen Jessica Day Bed and Underbed. Another fab space-saver for smaller homes.

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