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Parents Guide to Cabin Beds

Posted on 01/03/2019 by Room to Grow
Beds, Room to Grow

Cabin beds are multi-use pieces of furniture with space underneath the bed’s platform which is used for storage. They can also include a desk, a play area, and even an extra bed. Cabin beds come in […]

What is a Day Bed?

What is a Day Bed?

Posted on 13/02/2019 by Room to Grow
Beds, Room to Grow

A day bed is somewhere you can relax and unwind whatever time of day it may be. They are useful for creating a multi-functional sleeping space in the home without taking up too much room in […]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Bunk Beds for Children

With their attractive design and practical use of space, bunk beds are becoming ever more popular for families with more than one child or restrictions on bedroom space. From standard bunks to loft beds and everything […]

sol day bed

Since children are often the littlest people in our homes, it stands to reason that their rooms are often the smallest. While this is perfectly logical thinking, it can make things a bit tricky when it […]

How To: Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Child’s Bedroom

Brave, bright and bold – a pop of colour adds spice to any bedroom at risk of being deemed bland. We know it can be daunting, as there is always a worry the shade will be […]

What to Consider when Buying Bunk Beds

From midnight secret-sharing to the best hide-and-seek spots, bunk beds provide endless fun for little ones. But even better than that (from our point of view anyway!) they’re also a great room saver for those of […]

Mirror, Mirror: How to Create the Perfect Fairytale Bedroom

A fairytale bedroom is the stuff of children’s dreams. Who are we kidding? It’s the stuff of our dreams too! Whether it’s inspired by their favourite animated film or their most treasured bedtime story, here’s how […]

Storage Hacks

While we’d all love to give our children whole fairytale castles and enchanted forests to play in, sometimes we have to accept the limitations of our living space. And when that living space is small, a […]

10 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Wall Ideas

The world around us is vibrant, exciting, and often wonderfully beautiful. It is a wild place filled with colour, whether you live in the city or the country. Your children are captivated by the simplest things […]

Does you child make their own bed

September 9 is Make Your Bed Day; the perfect time to encourage children to take a moment to make their bed each day. Studies have shown that there are actually various benefits to making the bed […]

Why every kids room needs a great lamp or nightlight

Your children’s bedrooms are used for much more than sleeping. Your kid’s room is – depending upon their age – a study hall, office, gaming room, play room, and a place to entertain their friends. Since […]

Cabin Beds vs High Beds

Cabin Beds vs High Beds

Posted on 16/04/2015 by Room to Grow

Cabin and high beds are both space savers and a great deal of fun for children. In order to understand which bed is the best choice for your child, you need to consider the similarities and […]


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