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It’s one of our favourite weeks of the year, when the night sky is constantly lit up with all manner of sparkling colours. If your little one loves fireworks, here’s how to enjoy Guy Fawkes night in a way that’s both fun and safe.


Head to your local fireworks evening

The best and safest way to enjoy some pretty pyrotechnics, fireworks events often have food, music, entertainment, and an impressive display. You’ll be able to relax and have fun and your little one will be able to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance. Win-win!

If you are organising your own display, be safe

Between blazing bonfires and out-of-control rockets, there’s a lot that can go wrong at an amateur fireworks night. Make sure children are supervised at all times and are watching from a safe distance. Most importantly, don’t let them light any fireworks – this is an adult-only job.

Experts recommend that bonfires should be at least 18m (60ft) away from any buildings, structures, or hedges so it’s not a good idea to light one if your garden’s not big enough to accommodate this. Always make sure fireworks are stable before you light them, and always light them at arm’s length with a proper firework lighter to avoid accidents. And remember the golden rule: never go back to a lit firework; it might be a dud or it might just be taking a long time to get going, either way it’s not safe until you’re sure it’s gone out.

Be sparkler smart

Little ones love sparklers but it’s important that you and your children know how to use them safely. Sparklers are only suitable for children over five and, even then, young children should always be supervised. Try not to light a sparkler if you’re holding a baby or toddler as they can make a grab for the light and end up hurting themselves. It’s also always a good idea to wear gloves when handling sparklers and to make sure that little ones know that sparklers get very, very hot and so shouldn’t be waved at other children (even annoying older siblings). Keep a bucket of water nearby so finished sparklers can be extinguished safely.

Stay warm

As we all know, November can be chilly so make sure the family wrap up warm if you’re heading outside. Gloves, scarves and hats are all a good idea, as well as wellies or waterproof shoes if you’re going to a local event in a field or park where things might get muddy.

And there you have it. Just a few simple tips to make sure your little ones stay safe and your fireworks night goes off with a bang.


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