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We’ve all been there, the daily fight between parent and child to get them to tidy their bedroom. And even if they do eventually agree, the tidying attempt lasts no longer than 2 minutes before they get bored and wander off to find something much more exciting to do (namely, tipping their Lego box upside down in the living room!).

Now, whilst we can’t promise miracles, there is something to be said for turning the tidying up activity into an enjoyable event that may help keep them engaged for longer than a nanosecond, and stop you from losing your mind (which really is all that matters!).

Race Cleaning

Turn cleaning into a race. Set a timer and see if they can tidy their room within the set time, if they win they get a small prize. Or, for siblings, see who can tidy their room the fastest, again a prize at the end for the winner adds excitement to the whole event. The prizes do not, and should not, be big. They can be as simple as allowing them to watch a program they love before bedtime, or getting an extra ten minutes to play in the park the next day.

Colour Cleaning

Simply call out a colour, your child then has to find something of that colour strewn around their bedroom and put it away. Continue until all items have been tidied. Or, to make it a bit more of a challenge (and the tidying a bit quicker), create more specific challenges, such as ‘pick up 4 blue things in 3 minutes’.

The Sorting Game

Much like a scavenger hunt, tell your child to find anything that can be worn on the body. They then rummage around their bombsite bedroom and pick out all their clothes and put them away. The next category can be ‘things that you play with’. Continue this until everything has been put away.


Super simple, but playing some music that they love will help make the tidying more fun, as they can sing and dance with you whilst they clear up.


Children love to use their imagination, so utilise this passion when getting them to tidy up. Perhaps they can pretend that they are one of their favourite princesses, such as Snow White, clearing up after the dwarfs, or maybe they are on a TV programme demonstrating how bedroom cleaning should be done, or they are on an undercover mission to clean the bedroom undetected. Let their imaginations run wild (and their bedrooms sparkle!).

Pssst, if you want to make your life even easier you may want to invest in a children’s storage bed. These beds are incredible storage solutions as they include huge amounts of extra space, such as shelves, cupboards and even desks, to make tidying much easier. Never again will your child be able to tell you that there is nowhere to put their toys!

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