Parents - What To Consider When Buying Kids Bunk Beds?

Parents - What To Consider When Buying Kids Bunk Beds?

From midnight secret-sharing to the best hide-and-seek spots, bunk beds provide endless fun for little ones. But even better than that (from our point of view anyway!) they’re also a great room saver for those of us short on floorspace. If you’re thinking of buying a bunk bed for your children, here are some things to think about…

Safety First!

One of the most fun things about bunks is the whole adventure of climbing a ladder just to get into bed (that’s why everyone always calls the top bunk!). But if one or both of your little ones are young, high bunk beds with steep ladders aren’t always the best idea. Put safety first and opt for a lower bunk with an easy-climb ladder like this Kids Avenue Acacia Bibop Bunk Bed. Having a mini staircase instead of a ladder is much easier for little feet to scale and works for big kids too, so you won’t have to upgrade the bed as they grow.

Choose a low bunk bed with an easy-to-climb ladder to help little monkeys avoid big accidents.

Fair Share

Of course not all children will be best pleased about having to share their space, especially if it’s an older child having to welcome a young sibling into their room. To ease into the transition as smoothly as possible, talk through the idea with both kids and ask them for their input and help choosing the best bunk bed. Pick something really cool to make the change more exciting or let them enjoy a few midnight feasts together so they see just how fun sharing can be.

There might still be a little bickering about who gets top bunk so make sure the decision is as fair as possible. You can draw straws or play a game to decide or simply let the eldest choose - it’s up to you. To make things fairer, it can even be a good idea to make the bottom bunk just as exciting as the top so no one feels left out.

“Ohh, now I want the bottom bunk…”

Clean and Tidy

If floor space is a concern, you’ll want your bunk beds to maximise space as much as possible so try to pick one that includes plenty of storage too. You can choose a bunk bed with built-in shelves or one with an underbed drawer - or even one with both! Building storage into the bunk bed will save you from having to install wardrobes or cupboards elsewhere, which is especially handy considering you’re having to fit two kids’ worth of stuff into one room!

Having storage on both levels also helps your little ones maintain their privacy, giving them their own personal space to store their things away from nosy siblings. Just make sure they both understand the rules and boundaries of sharing and you should have a harmonious home in no time.

Although there’s no accounting for little brothers...

14th Mar 2022 rtg

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