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Children love playing in the sun, and it can be heartwarming to see them playing outside and enjoying themselves in the heat. But, when bedtime nears and it hasn’t cooled, getting little ones to sleep can be a nightmare. The uncomfortable feeling of trying to get to sleep in hot, humid air, with no way to cool down is well-known to many adults. It can often be even more difficult for children to fall asleep in the heat as it is fairly common for them to wrap themselves in their duvets despite the hot weather; how else can you protect yourself from monsters? So, it is important to do as much as possible to keep them cool in order to send them off to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here are 5 ways you help keep your child as cool as possible so they can get a good night’s sleep in the hot weather:

Frozen Pillowcase

Put your child’s pillowcase or favourite toy in the fridge or freezer for the day. When it comes to bedtime, put it back on their bed and it will help to keep them cool whilst they fall asleep. This is a handy way to quickly cool them down, especially whilst they are trying to get to sleep.


A fan can be a quick and easy way to get some air flowing in your child’s room. In the UK we don’t tend to have air conditioning units in our homes, so investing in a fan for the summer months is usually the next best thing. You can choose to go for a larger standing fan or a smaller desk fan; either way, it can be a good move to help cool down the room on an evening. You can then switch it off once your child has drifted off to sleep.

Low Tog Duvets

It is a good idea to have both a summer and winter duvet, to ensure your child isn’t getting any unnecessary heat from a thicker duvet. Typically, a lower tog duvet is recommended for the summer months. As mentioned, it is pretty common for children to still want their bedding wrapped around them even in the heat, so a low tog duvet or even just a sheet is ideal.


When it is so hot outside, you may think sleeping with no pyjamas is the best move, this isn’t necessarily the case. Loose, thin, cotton pyjamas may be the best option as they can absorb sweat. It may come down to personal preference, so let your child decide what they prefer to sleep in.

Keep Curtains Closed

We tend to open the curtains as soon as we wake to let the sunshine in. Although it’s nice to enjoy the sun and let the daylight in, doing so can make the house hotter and hotter throughout the day.  If you’re home for the day, consider opening the bedroom windows and closing the curtains to prevent your home from overheating – you’ll be glad you did at bedtime.

By taking steps to keep your child’s bedroom and bed as cool as possible, you’ll enable them to get the best night’s sleep possible so that they can carry on enjoying the sun during the daytime.

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