Help your child sleep in warm weather: our top tips

Posted on 11/06/2021 by Olivia Lowry
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How can I help get my child to sleep in warm weather?

Every parent has thought about how to get their little ones to sleep when it’s a hot spring or summer day outside. As temperatures rise and summer is just around the corner, sleep can become difficult not only for adults, but for kids too. We’ve rounded up our top tips from the parents in our team here at Room To Grow make for an easier transition into summer warmth.

Freeze their pillow case before bed

Single childrens bed with pink checked bedding in a cool summer bedroom

A couple of hours before lights-out, pop their pillow case into a sealable plastic bag and into the freezer, so it doesn’t get wet. When bedtime comes, pop the pillow case back on their main pillow for a cooling sensation as they drift off to sleep. You can do the same with any blankets or teddies, too.

Consider moving rooms temporarily

It’s a well-known fact that hot air rises, so if your child sleeps in an attic room, or upstairs, consider having them sleepover in a lower part of the house, if possible, to keep cooler. Turn this into a fun temporary sleepover and let them bring a few favourite items to their new sleeping area!

Keep a cold flannel on the bedside table

Prepare a damp flannel or cloth with cold water before bedtime for your child to reach for during the night. If you have a baby or toddler that is struggling to sleep, use the flannel on their forehead and feet to bring down their core temperature. To protect their furniture, keep the wet flannel or cloth on a plate or in a food storage box from the kitchen.

Give your child a cooling bath or shower

After a hot day of playing in the sun, a cooler than usual bath or shower before bedtime can help your child settle and feel more comfortable with the heat overall. Make sure the temperature is still comfortable for them and not too cold!

Child with towel and bath robe at bath time

Helping your kids get to sleep in warmer weather benefits the whole family, so yourself and your kids don’t struggle the next day! By keeping an eye on the weather forecast and planning in advance, you can make sure your little ones get the best chance at sleep for the rest of the school term and into the summer holidays, so they can grow, study and play!

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