How to manage changes of routine: summer holidays

Posted on 25/06/2021 by Olivia Lowry
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Summer holidays are just around the corner! For most children, summer holidays are an exciting time of play dates, activities, holiday clubs and more. Whilst the kids are getting into the spirit of the summer break, it’s worth thinking about how their daily schedules will change. Think about how maintaining routines that offer predictability, that set them up well for when term time (finally!) rolls around again.

We’ve rounded up our top tips for creating a smooth transition from term time to holiday time for the kids, to reduce or avoid stress in those first few days of the holidays for your little ones as they adjust.

Create a countdown calendar

Younger children are at stages in their development where they have little concept of time, so creating a calendar or something visually similar, up for everyone to see and mark off each day. Make this into a game with individual stickers or markers for each of the kids, and gather round each morning to count down to summer fun!

Child puts stickers on weekly calendar with parent

Make time for down time

This part’s for both you, and the kids! We love summer holiday activities like paddling pools and play dates, or days out to soft play, but you don’t have to make summer time super jam-packed. Our little ones get breaks at school, so make sure they get breaks at home too. It’ll make for well-rested kids, and you’ll get that precious down time with them. Staying in is the new going out!

Prepare for childcare

If grandparents, aunties and uncles, or friends are looking after the kids, it’s good to think about how their routines will differ from yours over summer. Sending away the kids to be looked after can be really exciting for them, but also daunting, especially if they haven’t been without you for long before. Leave time for them to adjust to staying in a different space, and send them off with some home comforts like teddies, blankets and their own pillowcases from home. For less outgoing children, being at another house can be scary, but with a little reassurance you’ll be back in no time, they’ll feel better and so will you.

Child sits with grandparent

Never stop learning

Just because they’re out of school, doesn’t mean little ones stop learning. Carve out time each week of the summer holidays to learn about something new, to keep them engaged and asking life’s big questions! Go on a walk to identify all the wildlife, get crafty with paints, or make a game of counting produce at the supermarket. The opportunities for learning are endless! Keeping their minds busy will make for happier and healthier kids once school rolls back around.

We wish every one of our parents a great school holiday season, whether you’re taking a trip away, or staying at home. At Room To Grow, we’re parents ourselves, and sharing tips and tricks for parents is what we do best. To speak to our friendly team about children’s furniture and products, call us on freephone 0808 1963344, or email us on Happy summer holidays!

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