Our Top 5 Accessories for Every Child’s Bedroom

Posted on 17/02/2022 by Room to Grow
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Top 5 Accessories for Child's Room

What does your child like to do most in their bedroom? Sleep? Read? Play? Study? Daydream? If your little one is anything like ours, the answer is all the above and more. Make sure their space is ready for everything with our checklist of the top 5 accessories every child’s bedroom should have.

A Bookcase

Have we mentioned how much we love books? Reading is one of the most joyful ways a child can relax and learn so making sure their room has space for their budding library is very important. Whether you want to go for a cute themed magic garden bookshelf, an easy-to-access open facing bookcase, a quirky teepee bookcase, or a chic tall bookcase for more grown up children, having a dedicated place to keep their books helps children treasure reading even more.

A Beanbag

Do we really need to justify this one? Beanbags are just, well, cool! Great for relaxing with a book, playing, daydreaming, or dragging downstairs in front of the television, beanbags are portable bundles of comfort and everyone should have one.

A Toy Box

Bedrooms are important spaces for study and rest as well as play, and the former two can be pretty hard if the floor is lost beneath a carpet of toys. Fitting out your kid’s room with a cool toy box can add to the fun decor as well as providing an easy way to quickly tidy up when playtime is over. From cute and classic storage boxes that fit in any space to quirky themed toy boxes, there are options to suit all tastes and styles.

A Desk

Talking of study, all children of school age should have somewhere they can do their homework in peace. Desks are perfect spaces for studying as well as providing extra storage to any room; if you struggle with space, why not try a bed with a desk built in?

A Secret Hideaway

Whether they’re hatching plots with their siblings or sharing secrets at a sleepover, every child needs a secret hideaway. From play houses and teepees to bed caves and tents better suited to smaller spaces, there are tons of ways to give your child their very own private den.

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