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A bed is just somewhere to sleep comfortably isn’t it.  Isn’t it?  Well, if you think that then you are probably the sort of parent who has not yet had to think about what sort of bed to purchase for your child who is threatening to outgrow their toddler bed. Children need a good bed simply because a good night’s sleep is important if they are to continue to grow in a healthy way. A bed is also much more than just somewhere to sleep for a child, it can also be the centre of a world of imagination and fun.

 Bunk beds are a timeless favourite. If you can negotiate your way around the arguments about who gets the top bunk, they can provide a very practical solution to space problems.  Usually they are simply constructed from a frame that joins two otherwise single beds and you should look for bunk beds that can be separated into two single beds for maximum flexibility. If you are thinking of buying a set of bunk beds you should check out what safety features are built in. You will need a good solid set of railings on the side of the top bunk to stop sleepy heads from accidentally rolling out of their bed.

 High sleepers or loft beds take the space saving ideas of a bunk bed. By raising a single bed up high you create an additional space that is perfect for storage underneath.  The space you create can also be used to create an intimate, cosy little space, sofas, storage cabinets, wardrobe space can all be fitted easily in. High sleepers are also a great way to accommodate a desk for homework and studying where you are short of space.

 Cabin beds are similar to high sleepers but they are designed for younger children so they are not so high. For younger children they can create a very attractive bedroom environment, they do offer similar space crating opportunities to more grown up high sleepers but because they are lower they are not as intimidating for a younger child. Of course, the disadvantage is that your child will grow out of a cabin bed quite quickly so they can prove to be an expensive solution.

For the very youngest children a junior bed, sometimes called a starter bed can be a perfect solution for transitioning from a cot to the grown up world of a proper bed.  Beds are available in a variety of styles can make the transition fun for a child. Beds shaped like cars make an attractive option for many young boys while princess four posters will suit many young girls. A simple divan can also be made very child friendly with a suitable themed headboard and set of bed linen.

If you are looking to purchase a new bed for a teenager there is only one way of securing a successful purchase – think cool.  If you’re not quite sure what constitutes cool then set a budget and let your young adult make the decisions themselves.

For a more normal and cost effective child’s bed a straight forward single bed or divan bed can provide to be very effective.  Initial purchase costs will be quite low and selecting a suitable size means you can avoid having to replace the bed as your little one grows.

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