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If you have a large family it may be difficult, if not impossible, to give every one of your children their own bedroom.  If it is possible, however, there are quite a few benefits that a child will gain by it. In fact, a child that has his or her own bedroom will be better able to handle responsibility and will mature faster than one that doesn’t, for various reasons.  We’ve outlined some of the most important of these reasons below.  If you have children and you’re wondering what to do about your own bedroom situation please read on.

*Having a cabin bed in your bedroom alone means that, within reason, a child can pick and choose what they want on their walls.  While this may seem trivial it gives them ‘control’ over the bedroom environment and teaches a valuable lesson in said control.  It also can give a child a higher sense of self-esteem, something very valuable in their formative years.

* Having a room of their own will give a child the ability to keep their things safe from the prying hands of younger, possibly destructive, siblings. For example, a Lego creation that’s in the process of being made or an art project that is drying.  It also allows a modicum of privacy, which becomes more important the older they get.



* An introverted child will benefit from the quiet space that he or she has in their own bedroom, where they can get away from their siblings and be alone if they need to.  It offers a place to read, relax and recharge much more than a shared room can.

* If you want to teach a child responsibility there are few ways that are better than giving them their own room and making sure that they take care of it, keep it tidy and clean it when necessary. This may become difficult as they get older so having their own room as early in their childhood as possible is a plus.

* When tempers flare, especially between siblings, a room to retreat to is a big benefit for a child. If your child has a temper problem it can be very helpful to send them to their room for some ‘quiet time’ also – We know this can be tough if they’re sharing a bunk bed too (That’s a bit tougher these days as some kids have their own TVs, smart phones and such in the bedrooms.)

* Finally, a child that can ‘host’ friends in their own room will learn graciousness, courtesy and manners more quickly than one who has to share (in most cases). Having their own room can give them a great sense of pride when friends visit also and will allow them to hide from their siblings if necessary.


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