The Importance of a Child’s Bedroom Sanctuary

Posted on 04/02/2022 by Room to Grow
Children's Beds

The Importance of Bedroom Sanctuary

If you have a large family it may be difficult, if not impossible, to give every one of your children their own bedroom.  If it is possible, however, there are quite a few benefits that a child will gain by it. In fact, a child that has his or her own bedroom will be better able to handle responsibility and will mature faster than one that doesn’t, for various reasons. We’ve outlined some of the most important reasons for this below.

Personal Style

Tribal TeePee Tent

Being able to let children choose how they want to decorate their own bedroom may seem trivial, but it can allow them to develop their own personal style and feel like they have a space to express themselves. It gives them control over their own space and gives them a higher sense of self-esteem, which is very valuable in their formative years. Expressing their personal style could be anything from choose their own furniture, wall colour or decorating their walls with accessories or pictures. Cabin beds can be a great way to help children express themselves through décor; with shelves to display their favourite things and optional play tents underneath they can customise their bed as they desire.


Teenage Boy Relaxing in his Bedroom

Older children especially will benefit from the privacy of their own room; it means they can have their own belongings and not have to worry about keeping them safe from the prying hands of younger, possibly destructive, siblings. For example, a Lego creation that’s in the process of being made or an art project that is drying.  It also allows a modicum of privacy, which becomes more important the older they get.


Having their own room means that children can benefit from some peace and quiet. This is especially good for introverted children who desire quiet space and time alone as well as for older children who want to read or study in peace; something which they may not get in a shared room. It can also be ideal for when tempers flare, especially between siblings, a room to retreat to is a big benefit for a child. This can tough when sharing a room or even a bunk bed.


Giving a child their own room can actually teach them a lot of responsibility. It gives them their own space to take care of, keep tidy and clean as necessary. Teaching skills like this is a good idea from a young age as it will help them to build habits that they will carry into their teenage years when it becomes most necessary.


As children get older, they will likely want to have their friends over on evenings or for sleepovers. This can be difficult when sharing a room with a sibling. Having their own room also gives them a great sense of pride when friends visit and privacy from siblings. It also encourages them to keep it tidy for friends coming as it is their responsibility.

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