Time for a Spring Clean!

Posted on 30/04/2021 by Room to Grow
Room to Grow

Time for a Spring Clean!

Now that spring has returned to practically every part of the UK many folks are engaging in that perennial English favourite past-time; spring cleaning. After a long winter it’s always a great idea to throw open all the windows, take a broom to those dusty old rugs and get rid of stuff that’s taking up space in all the cupboards, cabinets, attics and garages.

When it comes to the kids there is always going to be the need for extra space, especially as they get bigger and go through clothes,  toys and electronics faster. Leaving this spring cleaning task up to your kids may be a good idea depending on their age and maturity. On the other hand, if they are just babies it’s another task to put on your ‘to do’ list.

Although not particularly a spring cleaning job per se, if your children have outgrown their bedroom furniture it may well be an excellent time to consider purchasing something new that meets their needs more accurately.

For example, if your pre-teen daughter is starting to get a lot more homework at school she may well need a place to study, including a desk and chair at the very least. If she’s been using a basic single bed, now might be an excellent time to purchase a high-rise bed that incorporates a study area, desk and shelving underneath.  These type of beds can be extremely practical, especially if your son or daughter is in a relatively small bedroom space.

For older children who are beginning to put more interest and effort into their wardrobe, a new bed that incorporates some type of storage beneath the bed would be a welcome addition to their room. If your son or daughter is sociable and loves to have friends over to sleep  there are several different bunk-bed configurations that would work out quite well and allow them to not only get the sleep they need but entertain their young friends at the same time.

If your infant child is ready to move out of their cot and into their own room you should probably consider a bed configuration that allows for a lot of creativity. Many bed setups resemble forts for young boys or fairy castles for the girls, giving them an area where they can escape into fantasy during the day while providing a secure and comfortable place to lay their head at night.

No matter what you decide to do it just seems that springtime is the best time to do it. If they’re old enough, ask your child’s opinion before making any purchases and see what their needs and desires are. It may not always be feasible to meet them completely but, if they’re great kids and your keen on giving them what they need to be happy and to get their studies done, bedroom furniture that takes care of their storage, playtime and study needs is a great start.

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