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Chances are that your child’s bedroom could be tidier. There are probably still toys and gifts leftover from Christmas that haven’t found a suitable place to go yet and the room could do with sprucing up. Spring is on the horizon and what better way to bring back some organisation to your child’s room than to give it a good spring clean. You don’t have to completely rearrange the room and clean it from top to bottom, but there are a few tops tips that you can use to give it a fresh, new look and make our child want to sleep, study and play in it.


We’re all probably guilty of having too many clothes and find ourselves wearing the same ones over and over, leaving a neglected pile in the back of a wardrobe. Going through your kid’s clothes and sorting them, so they can be ordered in terms of season and type is a good idea, but it’s also worth giving away clothes to charity that are hardly worn. This will give you more space and less of a need for storage to accommodate lots of clothes.


If your child’s room is full of all sorts of different toys, then it’s impossible to imagine that they play with all of them every day. With the help of your child, try going through their toys and deciding which are their favourites and toys they play with most frequently and arrange them in an easy to reach place. The toys that aren’t played with as much can be put in storage to create more space in the room.


Children’s rooms are usually full of bits and bobs and things that need to be put away. There are all sorts of different forms of storage units that you can use to help organise your child’s room. Under bed storage is a great way to hide things and you can also get colourful, attractive boxes to dot around the room and de-clutter. A tidy room makes it easier for your children to play and also when they’re doing their homework, a clean room will help them to concentrate as they won’t be distracted by a whole array of toys sprinkled around their bedroom.


As you’re looking through your child’s room and putting things into storage, it’s a good idea to apply labels to storage areas, so it’s easy to find items and you won’t be searching high and low for them. It also shows your children the importance of organising their things and being able to locate them when they need them.


It goes without saying that changing sheets and duvets has to be regularly done, but it’s really important for your child so they aren’t exposed to dust and allergies. Every now and then, remove the mattress from your child’s bed, air it outside, clean it and then vacuum it to remove dust and germs. Flip it over when you put it back on the bed too. Use lighter sheets and duvets for the spring months, so your child sleeps at a comfortable temperature.

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