Did you see that YouTube video of the Kinder Downfall waterfall being blown upwards? As Hurricane Gonzalo hit England this Tuesday, we looked out of the window expecting something spectacular. Along the coast, 70mph winds were recorded but in from our centrally-located home all we saw was lots and lots of leaves falling, and a few blown-over bins.


Air is a fascinating subject to explore with your child, and in the Autumn lots of fun can be had by visiting a wooded area and just chasing the falling leaves. When you are all hot and worn out, just sit, and feel the sensation of the wind on your cheeks, smell the woodland around you and listen to the breeze through the branches.

Kites are fantastic for all ages and you can even make one yourself if you have some sticks, string and a bin bag lying around. I picked up a cheap diamond-shaped one a few years back and it’s been mended several times but it flies beautifully. On it’s maiden trip, it flew for over an hour, or thereabouts, bobbing along in the sky behind us like an obedient puppy but oh so high above us.

If you have a floaty scarf (that is washable, or old), you could give it to your child to just play with, outdoors in the wind. You could tie it to a stick and watch the wind move it around or give it to them to hold and drop and chase around from different heights.

I’ve been collecting tin cans to make a tin can and conker wind chime, because we seem to have a lot of conkers floating around the house. The plan is to paint the cans and then carefully drill a hole through the end and thread a string through with a conker on the end. I will then tie them to a stick, and see if it makes a lovely sound. There are so many different ways that a wind chime can be made though, just google “home made wind chimes”and it will have you scouring your drawers for solid items that you can thread together and paint.

Wind brings endless possibilities for fun, education and craft, and, if you’re lucky, the rain will hold off long enough to dry the washing, afterwards.

Written by our regular contributor Catherine.

Website: http://www.mummylion.co.uk
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