World Sleep Day 16th March : How to Sleep Well

It may sound funny, but sleeping is a huge part of all of our lives. The average person will sleep 9,125 full days in their lifetime, therefore you could say it’s a particularly important pastime. But what if you’re struggling to sleep? Whatever the reason, lack of sleep can cause distress and despair, and World Sleep Day is here as a call to action on important sleep related issues.



World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to shed light on the important problems surrounding sleep, be it driving, education or medicine. However you and your family get to sleep on World Sleep Day, here are our top tips for making it the most peaceful sleep it can be.


Get Moving

Experts say that the key to getting a good night’s sleep starts a long time before we actually hit the hay. Making sure you have a full and enriching day with as much exercise packed in as possible will help both your body and mind get in shape for a deep, restful night’s sleep. This is especially true for little minds who might find sleep fitful if they haven’t exercised their brains and feet enough throughout the day.


Clean Up

They don’t say ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ for nothing. Surrounding yourself with clutter and mess can make your children’s bed a stressful place to be, and this won’t lead to peaceful sleep. Before snuggling up this Festival of Sleep Day, give your bedroom a quick tidy to turn it into a tranquil haven. The same goes for children’s bedroom too; having lots of toys and books around will be over stimulating for children and might prevent a good night’s sleep. Invest in some good storage or a toy box so you can tidy everything away before bedtime.


Switch Off

We all know that too much gadget time in bed doesn’t help us sleep but are you applying the same rules for the whole family? Having a device ban before bed stops both our own and our little one’s brains from being exposed to too much of the blue light emitted by our TVs and smartphones that tells the brain it’s not yet time to sleep. Instead, encourage your little ones to read before bed as this is a great and non-disruptive pre-sleep activity.

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