Children’s Toy Boxes Buying Guide

Kids have toys, games and oodles of fancy-dress outfits, and masses of them!  You never seem to have enough storage no matter what you do.

Storage Box Buying Guide

George Sweeney

George has a keen eye for detail and a passion for functionality. A true expert in furniture, selecting the very best pieces to compliment your child’s bedroom. From bedsides to chests to wardrobes, bookcases and desks. He is a stickler for storage solutions and keeping bedrooms tidy. A true Arsenal fan and a top gamer, his introduction of the gaming desks has been really popular with teens.

Kids have toys, games and oodles of fancy-dress outfits, and masses of them!  You never seem to have enough storage no matter what you do. You think you’ve got your toy storage sorted and then toys start spilling over onto the floor because your existing storage is overflowing…does this sound familiar? If this is the situation in your home then it’s going to reduce the free space your child has to play in.

Picking The Right Toy Box

You’re probably ready for some more toy storage and we have a whole host of toy boxes, toy baskets and storage cubes that will help you when you’re on a mission to keep your child’s bedroom or playroom tidy!

A traditional wooden toy box is a timeless piece of furniture to add to your home. Children love their toys because they are so important to them and what could be better than keeping them safe and sound in a beautiful, spacious toy box.  It’s a great storage option for your living room too – loose toys can make your family living space feel messy and cluttered, so tidying them away in a well designed and stylish toy box is the just the answer to your toy storage needs.

Because a wooden toy box is so sturdy, it will last for years and is also make a perfect spot for sitting and reading a book – just pop a cushion on top to make it super comfy and you have made a wonderful seating area for your little one.

Some toy boxes have a closed lid whilst others have an open design which are great for toddlers. Either way, a toy box can be a fabulous to way to make tidying up more fun and ensure your home remains happy and playful.

You could even try and give your child rewards for tidying away their toys, just pop it as an action on their reward chart and watch them in action!

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What safety issues should I consider?

  • As with all heavy pieces of furniture, a toy box can be dangerous if misused. Please ensure that your child does not climb into the toy box and get trapped inside. 
  • BE CAREFUL OF LITTLE FINGERS AND BANGED HEADS! Toy boxes come with a variety of different hinges.  Some may include a gas lift mechanism; others may have soft close features or a traditional chain hinge… please read the product information which will give details of the open and close features.  You can buy lots of toy box lid support fixtures online if you’d prefer to add some additional safety features to your toy box for peace of mind.
  • Regularly check and ensure that the toy box is stable and all parts and fittings are secure, in particular the hinges.
  • Please do not use substitute parts that are not designed for use with your furniture. Always contact us for replacement parts.
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