Children’s Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

We have a great collection of chests for you to choose from.  With a diverse range of sizes, designs, colours and finishes, we have something for everyone. Read our guide for what to consider before you buy.

kids chest of drawers buying guide

We have a great collection of chests for you to choose from.  With a diverse range of sizes, designs, colours and finishes, we have something for everyone. From traditional to modern, or you may prefer Scandinavian design, wide chests, tall chests, 3 drawers, 5 drawers….  Wooden, metal, painted finishes…. whatever you need, we have the perfect size and design!

Pick The Right Chest of Drawers

Some chests of drawers include classic carved wooden drawer runners, whilst overs will have modern metal runners – either design are very sturdy and allows the drawer to function properly and bear weight.

A chest can have many uses – do you need extra storage for toys, games, stationery?  Or for clothes? It is a very valuable addition to a bedroom and the top of the chest makes an excellent area for adding a vanity mirror to create a dressing table or it could make a great display area for sports trophies, books and a lamp.

Depending on room size, if you haven’t got room for a bedside, then it’s a fantastic idea to place the chest next to the bed to double up as beside.  It’ll give you oodles of extra storage.

With so many styles and sizes available you really can find the perfect chest of drawers to fit the needs of your child. Take a look at our collection of Chest of Drawers 

What safety issues should I consider?

  • Check every now and again and ensure that the chest is fully functional and all parts and fittings are secure, in particular the drawer runners and drawer bases.
  • If you use plan to use a chest of drawers in a nursery, make sure that it is not placed next to the cot.  As toddlers start attempting to climb out of their cot, they may use it to stand on which could lead to an accident.
  • Do not use substitute parts that are not designed for use with the chest of drawers, Always contact us for replacement parts.
  • Take care that little fingers don’t get trapped in drawers or cupboards.  Some pieces of furniture have a soft close mechanism whilst others don’t so it’s always a good idea to teach your little one to safely open and close their drawers and cupboards.
  • For toddlers, you may want to use furniture corner protects. This will depend on the design of the bedside. Some chests have round, smoothed edges, whilst others will have sharper, more designed cornicing. 
  • With regard to safety, particularly where small children are concerned, we advise that you secure your chest of drawers to the wall to prevent the product from tipping forwards. Chest of drawers can be prone to topple forwards if all the drawers are open and  the drawers and full and heavy. You will need to obtain and use fixing devices that are suitable for the walls in your home.  Speak to your local DIY store if you are unsure of what fixings to use and seek their advice.
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