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Heather is the Room to Grow expert on sleep. As a Mum herself, she knows how important it is choosing the right mattress to give your child the right support and comfort for their development and growth and ultimately to give them the best night’s sleep. She has made it her mission to help every parent find the perfect mattress for their child.

Providing excellent support, an innovate airflow mattress incorporates a unique layering system within the mattress core to ensure the best night’s sleep. Stompa offer a foam S Flex Airflow Foam Mattress or a S Flex Airflow Deluxe Pocket Mattress.  Voted Best Buy in the Independent Indy Best 2018 in the category of the Best Mattress for Children, we can highly recommend the airflow mattresses and we know you won’t be disappointed.

Is An Airflow Mattress What You Need?

The layers of these excellent, unique mattresses include:

  • A super soft cushioned luxury knitted cover, made from a hypoallergenic fibre.  This fabulous mattress cover is fully breathable and enables body moisture to dissipate which helps children stay cool at night.
  • The S Flex Airflow Foam Mattress includes an advanced airflow comfort layer that allows air to circulate which helps regulate body temperature and moisture levels and is hypoallergenic and bed bug resistant.  The S Flex Airflow Deluxe Pocket Mattress has 1000 count pocket springs that are encapsulated in a wall of high density foam for ultimate comfort and support.  Each mattress design supports and contours the body to ensure comfortable slumber night after night. 
  • A supportive and highly durable foam base layer for added luxury. 
  • Zipped, removable cover which can be dry cleaned.
  • A wonderful, breathable grey mattress side border that is covered with more airflow fabric for ultimate airflow.
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Our collection of Stompa Airflow mattresses come highly recommended for all round comfort, durability and support. These mattresses have been rigorously tested to withstand long term use and you won’t be disappointed. These specialist mattresses really are the ultimate solution for children over 3 years and into their teens.

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So, all in all, an airflow mattress will ensure your child gets a great night’s sleep as it shapes and contours their body.  The clever airflow technology will help them to keep cool so there’s no need to worry about restless nights and kicking off the covers. 

Please read the ‘Important Information’ section for additional guidance and care tips.

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