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Heather is the Room to Grow expert on sleep. As a Mum herself, she knows how important it is choosing the right mattress to give your child the right support and comfort for their development and growth and ultimately to give them the best night’s sleep. She has made it her mission to help every parent find the perfect mattress for their child.

It is important that you always use the correct size mattress for the bed frame. You can find this information detailed on each bed page, which will highlight the mattress size required. The manufacturer clearly advises that the mattress should fit the bed frame securely for safety reasons.  

Pick The Right Mattress

We understand that there are lots of different bed and mattress sizes to choose from so we’ve put together a list of beds and mattress sizes to make the process of buying a mattress a little easier for you:

For raised beds such as a mid sleeper, cabin bed, the top bed of a bunk bed and a high sleeper or loft bed, please do not use a mattress that is deeper than 15cm.

This is the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure that your child is safe and doesn’t roll out over the safety rails. Most beds will have a safety sticker that is placed on the bed frame which highlights the maximum mattress level, so look out for this if you’re using your existing mattress.  If you are buying a new mattress with your bed, then check the mattress is suitable and meets the safety guidelines detailed within the product descriptions.

Trundle drawer beds will also need a mattress if you would like to use this as a spare sleepover bed. Again, always use the mattress size that the product description details.  You will find that some trundles will only take a bespoke mattress to fit with the drawer so these will be linked with the bed on the product page. 

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