Children’s Pocket Mattresses Buying Guide

You will probably be familiar with the term ‘pocket sprung’. Many mattresses in the UK have a sprung interior. 

Pocket Mattress Buying Guide

Heather Potter

Heather is the Room to Grow expert on sleep. As a Mum herself, she knows how important it is choosing the right mattress to give your child the right support and comfort for their development and growth and ultimately to give them the best night’s sleep. She has made it her mission to help every parent find the perfect mattress for their child.

You will probably be familiar with the term ‘pocket sprung’. Many mattresses in the UK have a sprung interior.  The pocket springs provide the core support for the body during sleep.

Is A Pocket Mattress What You Need?

The number of springs (spring count), thickness of the spring wire (gauge) and overall construction and height of the springs can determine how a mattress ‘feels’, because each of these important elements will alter the ‘tension’ of a mattress.

Ultimately, mattress comfort is subjective and depends on a number of factors such a weight distribution and laying position, but generally, a pocket sprung mattress is very popular and will be priced mid to high end, depending on the final mattress specification.

A pocket spring is a smaller, softer spring that is encased in it’s own fabric pocket, laid in a honeycomb pattern and tied together. Each spring works independently from each other which ensuures maximum comfort because the mattress form can shape itself and work to the body contours. 

Pocket sprung mattresses use a variety of fillings to create different tensions (firmness) and properties such as breathability, hygiene and health reasons. 

The mattress filling is selected for its durability, resilience and flexibility. You will find that in cheaper mattresses the filling is usually reduced to one compact layer, whereas, a higher quality, engineered mattress may include multiple layers of different tension foams and fillings such as cotton, wool, hair and a range of other luxury fine, natural fibres that are used for their strength and insulation properties.

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Please read the mattress buying guide for additional guidance and care tips.

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