Accessories can be just as important in a child’s room as the actual bedroom furniture, not only can they complete the room and really bring the design together but with accessories such as clocks they serve an important purpose.

In pretty much any bedroom, adult or child, a clock is usually present; whether it is an alarm clock to wake you up or just a wall clock in order to keep a track of the time it is a pretty important addition to any space. For some children, an alarm clock may not be a necessity especially if you tend to wake them up in the morning however it can teach some good sleeping habits based around waking up. As adults we know how hard it can be to get up with our alarm, but it is a good habit to get in and will benefit us throughout the day. So, it can be a good addition to teach children the best morning routines.

Learning to tell the time

For children, probably one of the most important reasons to have a clock in their room may be to help teach them the time. Learning to tell the time can be quite a long process, it is one that will be taught at school but should also be enforced at home and having a clock in their own room is a good way to encourage children to tell the time. Room to Grow have a variety of children’s clocks which are great at teaching and encouraging children to learn to tell the time.

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