What are the main types of children’s beds?

There are various different types of children’s beds from the traditional single bed to the popular bunk beds, cabin beds and mid sleepers, high beds and loft beds which are great multifunctional beds offering more than just space to sleep. Other types of kids beds include double beds, day beds, trundle beds and starter beds.

What are the main things to consider when buying a children’s bed?

Obviously, when purchasing a new piece of furniture for your home, you’ll want to consider things such as sustainability, quality, longevity, practicality and style. However, perhaps even more important is your child’s comfort, safety and happiness.

It is vital to have the right mattress for their comfort and support to ensure a good night’s sleep.

A bed can also offer more than just space to sleep, in that it can be a space to study, socialise and encourage imaginative play. The physical bedroom space available and layout also impacts your decision.

What size bed should I get for my child?

The size bed you choose for your child will be based on a couple of factors; their age and size as well as space you have available in the room. Toddler beds and starter beds can be slightly shorter than an average single bed and therefore works well for smaller rooms and younger kids who may feel lost in a single bed.

On the other hand, for older children who may require a little extra room, there are small double beds and double beds which allow a little extra room.

How safe are children’s beds?

At Room to Grow our beds are all tested to European Safety Standards and also comply with British Standards so you can be sure our beds are as safe as possible. All materials, fabrics and woods used are safe and non-toxic. We are able to provide you with safety certificates if reassurance is needed.